The Villes Book Series

The Villes Children's Books is a series of delightful stories aimed at 6- 10 year olds that follow the adventures of Herman, the unconventional hero of the tales. Each day, Herman boards the Magical Double Decker bus, to a different Ville, where he finds that something in afoot. In Tiredsville, for example, everyone is always tired. In Coldsville, it's always freezing and in Windyville...well you get the picture. By taking an outsider's point of view, Herman with the help of others, soon finds the root cause of the problem and sets about putting it right.

"These delightful, fully illustrated books promote problem solving in children and are a joy to read."

Just click on the book covers below to take a sneak peek at the stories!

Martin Roberts Foundation. Registered Charity in England & Wales.

wesleyan chambers, park road, paulton, bristol, bs39 7qq

Registered Charity 1172905

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